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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  July 21, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> police in the east bay say there were no red flags leading up to a disturbing murder-suicide that took the lives of two young people today. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. he shot and killed 19-year-old claire orton at her parents' walnut creek home today. >> alan wang is live at police headquarters with this developing story. alan? >> it is not often that they investigate a murder-suicide, but when they do there is usually signs of violence or disturbances leading up to it. in this case they say there was none. it happened at the front door of this home around 7:00 a.m. police saw 21-year-old scott shot and killed 19-year-old claire orton and then turned
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the gun on himself. family members were home but it happened too fast to stop it. orton was one of four children. >> no parties, no fast driving, no nothing just nice kids. >> they had been in a relationship and their families knew each other. neighbors say orton ran cross country and graduated from high school in 2014 and went on to san diego state university. >> we saw her run through the neighborhood in her practices and just a wonderful family and a wonderful daughter. >> the family who lives in this gated community in lafayette was a 2012 graduate. he ran cross country and went on to stanford. >> these were up standing citizens. red -- no red flags or drugs involved. >> there were no previous disturbances or restraining
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orders. >> richmond police joined forces with homeland security agents to rescue a victim of human trafficking. they say the suspect met the woman on facebook and lured her to richmond from nicaragua. she was forced to live in a closet in the city's neighborhood. she was sexually and physically abused daily for about a year. police arrested a 35-year-old richmond man and rescued the woman just 12 hours after learning about the case. a grassfire in petaluma brought traffic to a halt. cal fire spotted it above highway 101 near the petaluma outlet mall. they burned pvc piping and tires and an acre of grass. it was near a homeless encampment, but they are not sure how it started. no one was hurt and no structures were damaged. >> a bay area family trying to come to terms with their daughter's death has taken her memory to you are nation's
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capitol. he testified today and his daughter was shot and killed on pier14 in san francisco early this month. abc7 news reporter was there for it all and has more from capitol hill. >> an emotional day of testimony. >> kate had a special soul and a kind and giving heart and the most contagious laugh and a smile that would light up a room. >> in front of the senate judiciary committee he spoke about the day he lost his daughter kate. >> suddenly a shot rang out and kate fell and looked at me and said "help me dad." those are the last words i will ever hear from my daughter. >> she was shot and killed at pier14 in san francisco while out for a walk with her father. the accused gunman had been convicted of seven felonies and deported back to mexico five times. the policy helped protect him
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from being deported once again. immigration system didn't work to protect against him and we have to figure out how and why and deal with it. >> amy is expecting a girl this fall and she was on capitol hill thinking about what could have been. >> looking forward to her being an aunt and being part of our lives. >> so now the family's hope for illegal immigrant felons to be deported or obtained. >> there needs to be more communication between local government and federal government. they do what they can to keep our streets safe. >> saying immigration policy should respect individual rights. >> i pray we avoid criminal -- criminalizing or casting blame on the community for the actions committed by one or even a small number of individuals. >> an on going debate that has captured the national spotlight. >> they would be proud to have kate's name associated with
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any legislation that would make our streets safer. in washington, d.c., abc7 news. >> meantime the investigation into the killings of five people in modesto focused today on a home in san jose. modesto police spent the day looking for clues at the house belonging to the father of suspect martin martinez. martinez is accused of killing his former girlfriend and three little girls and his own mother. reports say he had no criminal history. the modesto bee says besides a few tickets for expired registration he had a clean record. he is in jail in san jose. it was not for the weekend masacre, but the death of his ex-girlfriend's 2-year-old son recently ruled a homicide. palo alto police arrested a man they say exposed himself to a woman and then knocked her boy end from unconscious. the suspect is identified as aaron dennis whoa mac. he confronted the couple on a levy in january. >> thieves struck at uc
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berkeley and this time swiping computers from the school of business. someone broke in after smashing a window at 3:45 this morning. computers vanished from more than 20 offices. this morning's thefts follows other break ins with several at uc berkeley. >> after all of this time federal prosecutors are dropping their prosecution of the former giants slugger. lilian kim is live with more on the decision. and what might it mean for his chances of getting into the hall of fame? >> barry bonds says he is relieved humbled and thankful of today's outcome that clears his criminal record but it may not win over critics. >> he is a competitive guy. he doesn't like to lose. >> lance williams broke the scandal from the chronicle 12 years ago. he never thought the case would drag on for as long as it has. today an ending.
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federal prosecutors say they will not appeal a federal appeals court ruling. bonds released a statement saying finality of today's decision gives me great peace. >> he is not a felon. he can vote. i think he wants some traction on the hall of fame. >> chronicle baseball writer john shea says today's developments likely won't changing anything for bonds. shea is one of nearly 600 writers who get to vote on hall of fame candidates. >> mark ma guy wire sammy sosa. they are not convicted felons and they don't get the vote. i don't think it will change much for barry. >> he has been on the ballot three times and last time with 37% of the vote, far short of what is needed to be elected. what could help bonds is if a player like mike piazza gets in, a player suspected of steroid use, but no evidence.
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>> those who didn't vote for piazza will say if there is one guy in, this sets a precedent. forget it. i will vote for bonds. >> a long shot but it appears his best hope. lilian kim, abc7 news. coming up next on abc7 news at 11:00 how a cyberattack can stop you dead in your tracks. is your car vulnerable? >> shoppers demanding that a t-shirt be taken off the rack. the major retailer facing a backlash. >> and the rise of the ping-pong bots. making table tennis high-tech. >> i am sandhya patel. gray skies and spotty drizzle for the morning drive. how the rest of your week is shaping up. dan and ama? >> here is jimmy jimmy kimmle with what is coming up on the news at -- dash after the news at 11:00. >> i'm like, listen, i am a
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57-year-old white irish guy who smokes and likes coffee flavored coffee. i am an endangered species.
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covering santa ros berkeley san jose and all of the bay area this is abc7 news. >> get out of the car! i will light you up. get out! now! >> wow. >> here you can see a texas state trooper pointing a stun gun at sandra bland moments before her arrest. she was found dead in her cell three days later. police released this video today. officers say she failed to signal before changing lanes. the confrontation continued out of the camera's view.
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jail officials say she hanged herself in her cell. her family and activists dispute that. security hackers stole a jeep on the highway after the auto industry failed to listen to warnings about security flaws. they explain which cars are vulnerable and which can be fixed. >> you can explore with confidence. >> jeeps are known for off-roading as seen in this promotional video. the security experts say newer cherokee models can be driven off the road remotely. >> you can take a car off the bridge and you can drive it into a school bus. you can turn it into a cruise missal. >> two hackers put a reporter for wire magazine on the road and they took over on their laptops miles away. brakes, transmission and even the steering compromised. >> i think these folks are trying to foe case that --
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showcase that it is time to get their act together. >> days ahead of the article they released a software update that they can download themselves or you can bring your vehicle into your local service center. they have not yet received calls from concerned customers. >> hackers break in through the entertainment system. when that system is linked to the controls you have a problem. >> both the cars on the roid -- on the road have the system separate. >> his other warning is self-driving cars. >> all of these automatic cars they are talking about and the self-operating cars. i personally don't like the whole concept. >> chrysler is providing the software patch for free. in san jose abc7 news. >> target is facing untense backlash over a t-shirt being sold in the junior section. women have taken to social media shirt that says sexist
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and demeaning. target said it is part of fun engagement and wedding apparel. they will continue to sell the shirt and said it was never intended to offend anyone. a michigan boy who bravely stood up to bullies on-line visited the white house thanks to a invitation. he made a video confronting the bullies. he was reading their words like fat, stupid and "i hope he dies. they saw the video and invited his family to tour the white house. logan is also creating a foundation to help stop bullying called "take the power away." >> what a great young man. tonight the main western entrance to yosemite national park is closed. highway 140 is blocked by a rock and mudslide. flooding has hit other areas of the park. they were under flash flood warnings. you can still get into yosemite on big oak flat road.
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authorities have warned visitors to move to higher ground. >> there was hail up there accumulating in the sierra today. strange weather indeed. out here a little breezy and a little cooler. >> sandhya patel has what is ahead. >> returning to normal today. the marine layer is back in place. as we look at a time lapse the marine layer was racing in and the breeze was stronger off the ocean and the temperatures went from 95 this santa rosa. a 14-degree drop. oakland was down 12 degrees compared to yesterday. 11 degrees cooler from 87 to 76 degrees. that's what happens when you get to a return of the fog. the humidity was also lower today and i know people on facebook are enjoying the cooler weather minus the muginess. the thunderstorms have been firing up all afternoon. more than 2,000 strikes and that obviously lead to some flooding. there is a flash flood warning
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until the wee hours of tomorrow morning around the mount shasta area. there have been numerous reports of not just a brief low near yosemite but flash flooding there has been hail and heavy rains. some areas picked up one to two inches of rain believe it or not with the slow moving thunderstorms. same areas expected to see it again tomorrow. yosemite and tahoe if you are heading in that direction. temperatures in the 60s. 59 in santa rosa and here is a live look from our emeryville camera at the gray skies. we are looking at low clouds moving in and spotty drizzle for the morning drive. the cooling continues through thursday. satellite-radar showing you what is bringing us the drop in the temperatures. and it is this trough that is passing to our north. the cooler pattern is settling in. tomorrow inland areas will continue to drop. the coast aloe clouds out over tonight -- the coastal low clouds are pushing over our inland areas. tomorrow morning most will start off the day with overcast skies and there will be spotty drizzle.
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be aware of the fact that your morning commute you may need the wipers. cooler for the afternoon tomorrow. coastal clouds remain and the temperatures inland are not as warm as they have been in days past. get used to this pattern. mid50s to the low 60s. unlike the previous mornings it is not muggy and mild. you may want to dress in layers especially if you are going to head along the coastline or down the peninsula. highs for your wednesday 86 in antioch. 63 in half moon bay. 78 in san -- san jose. below normal and high temperatures for your thursday, low 60s to low 80s. we see a slight bump up in the numbers as we head toward the week end. mid60s to upper 80s. then it heats up. we are talking mid-nineties. enjoy the cool down while it lasts. we often see triple digits in july. this is a nice change of
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pace. >> it is nice. thank you, sandhya. coming up next, this daring duo really takes safety first seriously. >> why the cagey couple made these strange contraptions.
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here is a clever idea for swimmers leery of entering shark-filled waters. bring your own shark gauge. a couple strolled into the water with the do it yourself cages on sunday. turns out they were just tourists joking around. they were made of spray painted pvc. over the last month in all seriousness north carolina has seen a dozen shark attacks. stanford students are teaching robots how to play ping-pong. look at this video provided by the university's artificial intelligence department. these robotic arms were
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programed to move like people and track the movement of balls and drones. while they may not beat the average player just yet you know what? give it a few months. we'll see. >> wow. >> i just wouldn't teach robots a lot of these skills. i don't know. >> don't do it. >> haven't you seen "the terminator"? >> i know i will be enslaved by a robot. i don't know what day it will happen but i will be in a cage. he will put me in there. i just know it. i will visit you then. buster posey -- if he allows me. hector sanchez had the biggest swing of the night. you think it won't happen? they will put me in there and then laugh. the benches cleared in san diego. sports, human
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this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. >> the return of josh donaldson to oakland was overshadowed by the other bluejays hitting a bunch of
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home runs. the third basement -- the third base man received standing ovations. room service fast ball down the middle please. he crushed it in the second. 1-0. he came over from toronto on the deal and it did not fair well this evening. his 20th to make it 3-0 and one more for good measure. a three-run blast. he had given up nine runs in six starts and 10 in the last two starts. no homers for donaldson. he had a couple of doubles and it drives in a run. all jays all nightlong. they roll 7-1. giants and padres in san diego and spider-man dwetting up the net to retrieve a broken bat. he almost ate it on the way down. look out. he has been superman against the giants. hunter pence leading it off with a solo homer in second. crawford also homered and heston how good has he been?
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lights out with a no hitter through five. strikes out six. 6th inning and bases loaded for sanchez and he just crushed it. bat flipping and high, deep aloha mines grand slam. he didn't like it. he threw his gum at sanchez right now who was subbing for buster posey. it lead to the benches clearing, but no big deal. giants two and a halfback of l.a. it was an international spectacular tonight with the european super power manchester united visiting the san jose earthquakes. you would be the soccer equivalent to the yankees. it is a great name, but that was a terrible pass. you gave it away. they scored to make it 2-0 manchester. san jose gets one back and tightroping for the goal.
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he goes on to win it 3-1 and they will play barcelona on saturday at levi stadium. seth curry lit up the summer league and his award is a contract with the kings. it is a deal worth $2 million for steph's little brother. he has been working his way to try to find a spot in the nba and get his chance with the kings. curry versus curry. it should be fun. the nfl won extra points to be more exciting. he has a solution. he is a high school kid from mississippi and can flip the ball behind the back to himself and then blast it through the uprights. he is only 17 years old. that has to be worth more than one point. one point is not enough for that. >> a high degree of
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